Experience and good intuition are indispensable in Saké making, and EH-shuzô is furnishing state-of-the-art infrastructures intending to support these qualities.

Furthermore, Teamwork is the key to good Saké brewing.

“Sakés I wish to make are light, simple, refreshing, and without any aftertaste. Sakés that leave us unlikely to be fed up with, even though it must be an endless search for perfection.

Humidity and temperature also change, so based on past data, we must create conditions allowing yeast and kôji mold to work efficiently.
Not only intuition and experience but also bits of knowledge in Science are needed for making a good Saké.

But, when it comes to kôji making, which has a significant impact on the taste and aroma of Saké, the chief brewer’s experience, which cannot be measured by scientific data alone, is used. Close communication with the brewing team is then reflected in the brewing process.

Besides, Team Working remains the key to producing delicious Sakés as we can move forward on achieving any big goal by working together all day.

We discuss our ideas properly and reflect them in making kôji and moromi.
It is possible to understand the standard flow of sake brewing by reading a book, and there are now opportunities to study Saké brewing at universities and other places. Besides, I am persuaded there may be young people with a much more scientific understanding of Saké brewing than I currently do.
However, the deepness in the Saké making and the commitment of a chief brewer are not something related to Science.”

Duchenne/Tatsuya Suzuki