Daiginjo Otokononamida

大吟醸 男の涙

A large, firm, and warm sake.

“I want to make delicious sake! A Saké with a magnificent personality and an indescribable warmth when someone tastes it.”
Otoko no Namida is prepared with Miyama Nishiki from Nagano Prefecture, polished to 49%, and brewed with great effort by our brewers to create a dry Daiginjô.
The soft and pure subsoil water of the Northern Alps gave birth to a Saké that animates one’s heart with its elegant and clean ginjô aroma, and its gentle sweetness invites anyone to a mellow feeling of drunkenness.

  • Polishing rate  49%
  • Alcohol 15°
  • Sake Meter Value  +4

720ml     3,850yen(tax included)