Suien Aigamo Junmaiginjo Genshu

An undiluted Saké made with aigamo rice beloved by farmers

Azumino, Nagano Perfecure,where the countryside spreads out at the foot of the Northern Alps.

Azumino Aigamo-kai is a place that is blessed with climate and is dedicated to growing rice, where Hitogokochi, a pesticide-free Sake rice, is cultivated with love by aigamo ducks amd farmers.

This careflly cultivated rice is used to make this Junmai Ginjo, brewed wholeheartedly by brewers who have inherited a brewing tradition of 200 years.

  • Polishing rate  60%
  • Alcohol 18°
  • Sake Meter Value +3

・720ml  ¥1,870-(tax included)
・1800ml  ¥3,960-(tax included)