Donkura (Junmai Daiginjô)

純米大吟醸 どん蔵

Received the Mondo Selection Grand Gold Award for seven consecutive years.

The main ingredient is the highly prestigious rice Yamada Nishiki, produced in Yoshikawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture, and polished thoroughly to 30%.

The melted snow from the Northern Alps that fell 400 to 500 years ago has become groundwater after a long period. Once pumped, this soft, fresh water is used to produce this Saké.

Donkura is brewed using traditional, laborious techniques of fermentation operated by the chief brewers.

  • Polishing rate 30%
  • Alcohol 16°
  • Sake Meter Value  +2
  • 720ml     ¥13,200-(tax included)

Note:Due to the small amount of this product, there are periods when it may be out of stock.


Please forgive us in that case.


Mondo Selection, Grand Gold Award Winner