Suien, the mystical blue Saké (Junmai Ginjô)

酔園 幻の酒ブルー(純米吟醸)

A generous taste brought to life by the climate of Azumino.

Sanzôshu, which had been the mainstream since the war, was abolished, and in 1973, we resumed production and sales of Junmai Sakés to provide customers with a real Saké. Indeed, “Suien, the mystical Saké” was a Saké that is particular about quality and taste. But its current version is an even more delicious Junmai Ginjô.
The Saké is made from the rice Hitogokochi produced in the fields of Azumino. The image of a clean and refreshing taste is expressed explicitly by the blue color of the bottle, symbolizing the
blue sky of the land of Azumino.

  • Polishing rate 59%
  • Alcohol 15°
  • Sake Meter Value  ±0
  • 300ml ¥638-(tax included)
  • 720ml     ¥1,595-(tax included)
  • 1800ml   ¥3,080-(tax included)