Suien, the mysterious Saké storage (Junmai Ginjô)

酔園 幻の酒生貯(純米吟醸)

A cold, fresh, winter-like taste.

Sanzôshu, which had been the mainstream since the war, was abolished, and in 1973, we resumed production and sales of Junmai Sakés, intending to provide customers with a real Saké. Indeed, “Suien, the mystical Saké” was a Saké that is particular about quality and taste. But its current version is an even more delicious Junmai Ginjô.
Using Hitogokochi grown in the land of Azumino, this Saké has a good balance between a Ginjô aroma, a gentle sweetness, and a moderate acidity.

  • Polishing rate 59%
  • Alcohol 14°
  • Sake Meter Value +1
  • 300ml     ¥638-(tax included)